President's Message

Dr. Pankaj Gulati
Greetings !! from Para C-1
Dear Gems,
This is my proud privilege to address my teachers, seniors and fellow “ALUMNI”` as President of GEMS Association. By now Our College has a glorious history of 55 years. During this period, our ALMA MATER has produced several real “GEMS” who are spreading glory of this institution worldwide.  We feel proud to be associate with them.
This year we are going to celebrate  GEMS INTERNATIONAL MEET  on 22nd December. Twenty eight years before “ GEMS ASSOCIATION” came into existence with various views and objectives .But today when I look back  , I find that out of 12-13 objectives which our seniors drafted, we have limited ourselves to single objective of celebrating ANNUAL MEET. Every year President and Organizing Chairman and entire GEMS Association is elected from Silver Jubilee Batch , with their only target to arrange Silver jubilee Meet along with Annual meet, and this goes on. This however helps our association to keep alive but on the other hand taking away the basic theme of formation of this ALUMNI Association. We have to think about it.

Now the good news is that at least we are regular in arranging Alumni Meet “GEMSCON” every year. The sole objective of this meet is  to arrange Interaction not only between Silver and Golden Jubilians, but entire Alumni , so that we could know about each other, their achievements , their expertise , and how to do benefit to your fellow alumni and college. This is not to boast about ourselves, but help each other in times of need. If we know that a particular alumni of our college is doing something extraordinary in particular field, we can seek his help. I appeal to all the GEMS to come forward, respond and extend your maximum help to other fellow GEMS, when they contact you and seek your help. In this era of fast communication this has become very easy to seek and to help. To add in this , GEMS ASSOCIATION has now its own website  on which members can update their profile, their expertise and share your experiences for the benefit of others.

Other Objective of this annual meet is to do whatever you can for you ALMA MATER,  GSVM MEDICAL COLLEGE. Your Lectures, workshops, demonstrations can be arranged here in the Medical college for the benefit of young budding medicos, and for the fellow “GANESHIANS”. So come forward   voluntarily . Our Alma Mater has given us every thing in our life now ,it is our turn to pay back “GURUDAKSHINA”. I appeal to entire Alumni of this college to extend your Financial, Academic and Moral support to the college in whatever capacity you can. Be a “Role Model “ for young Generation of this Nobel profession. I am thankful to organizing committee who are leaving no stone unturned to make this mega event a grand success. I am thankful to Our Patron, Principal and Dean GSVM Medical College “Prof. Anand Swarup” for his time to time guidance, and favor to this association without which it could have not been possible to organize such  a Mega event.

I pay my regards and tribute to my teachers, at the feet of whom we learnt the intricacies of medical science and profession.

At last I on behalf of  GEMS ASSOCIATION invite you all to the “GEMSCON 2012” on  Saturday 22nd December 2012., at Medical College Lawns  along with your family and friends.

Dr. Pankaj Gulati
Gems Association
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