Chairman's Message

Dr. M.L.Chaudhry
Dear Batchmates and all fellow GEMS,

Half a century ago, around this time we were getting ready to enter the hallowed portals of our alma mater... our hearts and our minds were filled with excitement, with pride and with trepidation. Little did we know then, that the next few years that we would spend in the warmth of GSVM College with our teachers, batchmates, seniors and juniors and the support staff would alter the course of our lives forever. Fifty years hence, we owe a lot to the institution and the people we met then...
It is with immense pride and nostalgia that we look forward to celebrating the Golden Jubilee of our batch this year and will be eternally grateful to the Almighty for giving us this opportunity...we are dedicating this celebration to the fond memories of those teachers and batchmates who are not with us anymore and our parents who were instrumental in getting us where we are...

At this stage of our lives we have a lot to celebrate - our families and our friends, our achievements and above all the service that each of us has tried to render to humanity in the true spirit of the Hippocratic Oath that still resonates in our ears...

I exhort all our batchmates and their families to attend the celebration of this momentous milestone in both our professional and personal lives...your alma mater and the city of Kanpur look forward to welcoming you again...

"Let us drink to the Past as our glasses we lift,
Let eye speak to eye, heart to heart,
Let the bonds of sweet fellowship bind each to each,
In the hours that remain before we part."
(Harvard Odes, Horatio Alger)

With love,
GEM Dr. M.L. Chaudhry
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